This Indo-European web resource was created to introduce the history, origin and meaning of words, particularly the history of gambling, in Indo-European countries. This area is quite rare but exciting and informative in the linguistics and Gambling industry. 

The history of gambling in Indo-European countries is little studied. Nevertheless, it is very relevant. 

Ancient game

Because of modern and ancient peoples, who belong to Indo-European countries (such as Armenians, Balts, Germans, Greeks, Illyrians, Indians, Iranians, Italics, Celts, Slavs, Tocharians, Thracians, Phrygians and Hittites), they have left their mark on history. Today we can refer to 12 dictionaries, constituting a one-standard etymological dictionary. We can take gambling themes, the origin of gambling, and many other areas.

Created in 1991, the Indo-European Etymological Dictionary is a remarkable project that aims to discover and describe the everyday lexicon of the heritage of the most important languages of the Indo-European nations’ language chains. This linguistic project has already been published in 12 volumes in the Leiden series of this Dictionary (Brill, Leiden).

Many linguists of different countries, scholars and students were involved in creating this project, and much effort was expended in collecting linguistic data. The Leiden Indo-European Etymological Dictionary Series:

Etymological Dictionary of:

  • 2014 Baltic Inherited Lexicon (R.Derksen)
  • 2013 Proto-Germanic (G. Kroonen)
  • 2010 Armenian Inherited Lexicon (H. Martirosyan)
  • 2010 Greek (2 vols.) (R. Bix (assistant to Lucien van Bix)
  • 2008 Proto-Celtic (R. Matasovic)
  • 2008 Latin and the Other Italian Languages (Michel de Waan)
  • 2008 Reconstruction Proto-Nostratic: comparative phonology, morphology, and vocabulary(Allan R. Bomhard)
  • 2007 Hittite inherited lexicon (A. Klockhorst)
  • 2007 the Slavic inherited vocabulary (R. Derksen)
  • 2007 The Origin of Indo-Iranians (Elena E. Kuzmina and J.P. Mallory)
  • 2006 Iranian Verb (J. Cheung)
  • 2005 Old Frisian Etymological Dictionary (D. Butkan and Sjord Michel Zibinga)

All nations have their history of language origins, just as the history of the origins of gambling.