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  • When and How Did Gambling Appear?

    The history of gambling is covered with obscurity. However, scientists assert that the concept of gambling is not new and has existed in the world for over a thousand years. But it is not easy to build a coherent picture of gambling’s evolution. Archaeologists often find objects used in gambling in the remnants of material…

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  • History of Playing Cards

    There are several versions of the origin of cards: Chinese version The first is Chinese, although many still do not believe it.  Chinese and Japanese cards are too unusual for us both in appearance and like the game, which is more similar to dominoes.  But there is no doubt that in the VIII century in…

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  • Exciting and Unexpected Facts About Casinos in the Arab World

    By nature, everyone is a gambler, and Asian people, by their temperament especially. Today, the colourful and wonderful world of casinos attracts thousands of players who can become millionaires and celebrities in a matter of minutes. The Internet allows fans of the games to do their favourite hobby anywhere and anytime. We are sure that…

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